If you're worth
getting to know,
you should know

If you’re worth
getting to know,
you should know

"If you're worth getting to know, you should know Raoul."

A new industrial revolution

It was the 2004 LeWeb conference that first opened Sibylle’s eyes to the spirit of Silicon Valley blowing through France. A passion for new disruptive technologies and startups was born. A passion that has never left her…

Backing the game-changers

To succeed, entrepreneurs need more than just a project, intuition or product. They need a long-term vision. They need to rethink industries or ways of doing things. True game-changers are rare, but when we find one, you can be sure the media hear about it. Raoul gets the story out. You know what I’m talking about?

"You talking to me?"

Our stars get top billing on the world stage. For the record every year we run the ‘Raoul Tour’ (San Francisco, New York…). A learning expedition, at its core, but with bells on…

Startups are our element

We know the codes, and tailor our expertise to support each scale-up in support of their ambitions.

Passionate about entrepreneurs

Believing in the projects and the people driving them is essential to us. If the case doesn’t stack up, we say ‘no’. This is our strength and means being under Raoul’s wing is a mark of confidence.

Active clients
Fundraisings supported since launch
French Championship of mini autonomous cars. Raoul created IronCar in 2018 under the leadership of Grégory Renard with the help of his buddies from Silex.
The champagne bottles that help us celebrate together our daily triumphs.

Deciphering the strategic issues, identifying communication opportunities to influence the ecosystem and generating awareness, commitment and leadership.

Media relations

Offline and online, it is about building trust-based relationships with media and big influencers in their ecosystems (tech, financial or public).

Corporate Comms

Defending and consolidating the reputation and values ​​of innovative companies; supporting the communications of their organization and their leaders.


Producing the right and relevant content for each client, whether it be pitches, press releases, expert opinions, opinion pieces, client cases … Our +: knowing what each audience wants to hear.

Sharing the love

"Passion, professionalism and performance: these are the three values ​we fully share with Raoul since the first day we met and in all the ventures we have shared since."
Thierry Debarnot


"It is not only that Sibylle and her team have a unique address book in the media. They take real interest in projects. They spend time with us, doing their best to understand us and our project to be able to talk about it properly. This comes through in the content they produce. They are the best possible ambassadors for our vision."
Damien Morin


"We had the opportunity to collaborate for several years with the agency Raoul and Sibylle in putting together our PR strategy for France and across the world as well as in the announcement of our fundraising (A and B series). Sibylle impressed us with her professionalism and energy to find the best media and publications to get the Zenly story out to the as many key people as possible."
Alexis Bonillo


"After having tried almost everything, we discovered Raoul and have stuck with them. From paper to digital, through TV & radio, the agency is super connected with French media - Sibylle and her team are attentive and highly responsive, without a doubt one of the best PR agencies in Paris!"
Richard Ollier


"I have had the great pleasure of working with the talented teams of Raoul for almost 6 years now. With a very good understanding of the Tech and Digital ecosystem, Raoul knows how to guide my PR strategy in the long term, but also how to find the good ideas that give us maximum visibility in the short term. In addition to their proven expertise, the team is above all super nice! It's a real pleasure to work with them every day!"
Ines Visinet


"I have been working with Sibylle and the Raoul agency for almost twenty years; they are simply the best PR in France!"
Loïc Le Meur


"Super press relations agency with an excellent knowledge of the tech environment. Very proactive and at the same time very thorough, coming up with strong proposal."
Jonathan Anguelov


"We have been working for more than a year with the Raoul agency for our press relations strategies. They knew how to adapt and be always reactive to get things done. They are fully engage, always seeking to understand and giving more weight and media attention to our vision."
Sophie Halliot


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